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Thru the eyes of an Over 50 Georgian.

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My Bicycles

I got my first bicycle when I was 8 years old. Santa left it for me at Christmas. I'm sad to say it is no longer with us. It had a hard life and was used up. We lived in the country with no paved roads. The dirt, mud, and hard riding took its toll. That Bike was a single speed, as that was the norm back then. (the 40's)

The next bicycles was made from pieces of hand me downs. I kept a bicycle together with used parts as that was my only way of going as a kid. When I got old enough to get a job and make my own money I got my second new one. A 3 speed London Flyer by "Western Flyer" It is listed below

My latest Bike

A 1941 Columbia Superb.

Carrera Road Bike

The Carrera bicycle is a prefect synthesis of traditional Italian craftsmanship and the most advanced technology. This is my daily rider
1965 3 speed Western Flyer In 65 When I got this bike, three speeds was the way to go.

Early 70's 10 speed

After a few years of riding the three speed I moved up to a ten speed. This bike served me well for over thirty years.

Some Miscellaneous Bicycles 

Some spares and loaner bikes for when friends drop in with no bikes with them..

Long Distant Tour Bike

The bicycle that will carry me across this country Someday!!!


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