Columbia Superb
Last modified: Fri Feb 11, 2000

My latest Bicycle that has just arrived.

Here it is!
NEW out of THE BOX! The 1941 COLUMBIA SUPERB DASHBOARD BICYCLE. The PIERCE ARROW OF BICYCLES, Arguably the most beautiful and most authentic antique bicycle on the market today. bike pic Who says they don't make em' like they used to? The Columbia is not a reproduction! Think of it more as a resumtion of the original production, that was interupted long ago due to WWII. This glorious Bicycle was built by skilled artisians in the very same Columbia factory as the original! Not even the SCHWINN Phantom can't boast that! Painstakingly recreated in every detail, making it almost indistinguishable from the original. I ride this conversation piece, that is, when I can handle all the attention! This is a limited edition.

Some of the features include: A beautiful Chromium plated dashboard, housing the waterbury CLOCK and stewart warner SPEEDOMETER.
bike pic

The correct "Buck Rogers" style HEADLIGHT adorns the hand pinstriped extruded almuminum front fender!
bike pic

Reflectorized Torrington pedals grace the crank set,
bike pic

and first class seating is provided by the Top Grain leather Messinger Deluxe B-1 Saddle.
bike pic

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